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Attention Barton County artists and photographers – it’s time to have some good, old fashioned Halloween fun!

Monsters on Main Street

When the Arts Council runs a photography contest, the first rule is usually that every picture must be “as taken,” with no manipulation using Photoshop or other computer graphics programs.

WELL, NOT THIS TIME! For the “Monsters on Main Street” competition, you not only CAN manipulate your images any way you want, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO SO!

Here is the basic premise of the “Monsters on Main Street” competition:

1. Take a photograph here in the Lamar/Barton County area of a common Main Street landmark everyone who lives here would recognize, such as the Courthouse, stores on the Square, the Plaza Theater, Harry Truman’s birthplace, the grade school or high school, the football field, McDonalds/Sonic/Pizza Hut, a cemetery, the library, Walmart, the laundromat, Wheeler Park, well known area homes — any place we locals would be sure to recognize.

2. Drop one or more monsters into the scene, by whatever means at your disposal. Whether that means Photoshoping images into the picture, having real people in costume pose for the shot, physically pasting in cut out pictures collage-style — whatever you can dream up, it’s all good! The sky’s the limit! Take this basic one-two concept, landmark + monsters, and let your imagination soar!

3. Be as creative as you can – that’s all there is to it!

4. All entries will be displayed throughout the month of October at The Gallery, 206 W. 10th St., Lamar.

5. Visitors will be able to vote for their favorite entry, and the “People’s Choice” winner will receive a $50.00 cash prize!

6. The “Monsters on Main Street” contest IS NOT LIMITED TO PHOTOGRAPHS ONLY! Artists, feel free to express the premise outlined above in any medium of your choosing – painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, mixed media, etc. Put a local landmark and monsters together any way you want, and you’re in the show and contest!

7. There is NO LIMIT on the number of times you can enter! Create as many awesome scenes as you want! The more works you enter, the better your chances of winning the cash prize!

8. The Arts Council reserves the right to refuse any entry that does not follow the “ground rules” below:

Some Ground Rules:

“Monsters on Main Street” is intended to be an exercise in good, old fashioned creative Halloween fun! By the word “Monster,” we are thinking of the creepy creatures of classic Hollywood movies, such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls, gargoyles and goblins, Frankenstein, zombies, skeletons, mummies, Godzilla, King Kong, the Blob, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, etc. Classic creatures of myth and folklore would be great too, i.e., Big Foot, Momo the Monster (anybody remember him?), the Loch Ness Monster, flying saucers, aliens, giant black panthers, etc.

Just keep it fun – and Family Friendly!

Kitsch and camp are great, genuinely spooky is wonderful, strange and mysterious are just what we have in mind! However, ABSOLUTELY – NO crazy killers, NO chainsaws, NO axe murders, NO blood, NO gore, NO violence, NOTHING even mildly suggestive in an “adult” way – PERIOD. Let’s make “Monsters on Main Street” a fun and fascinating show that everyone of any age can safely enjoy!


THE DEADLINE FOR ENTERING HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!!  You can now bring your awesome entries in throughout the month of October! We will collect “People’s Choice” ballots only during the last week of the month, to allow the maximum number of entries to be on display when voting begins. The ballots will be counted, and the $50 cash prize winner announced on Halloween! Bring entries ready to hang to The Arts Council Gallery, 206 W 10th St., Lamar, just west of the Square on 10th St. The Gallery is open every Tuesday through Friday from 11:00AM to 5:30PM.

Questions? Comments? Email The Arts Council at ArtsCouncilofBartonCounty@yahoo.com. Thanks! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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General Guidelines

  • Entries must be original work of youth aged 16 years old or younger.
  • Art themes may explore any subject, style or medium.
  • Photography: No posed portrait photography, but any artistic theme is welcome – nature, animals, people (candid), buildings, scenery, weather, interesting close-ups, whatever catches your artistic photographer’s eye! The sky’s the limit! But all photographs must be “as taken,” and cannot be manipulated in Photoshop or other graphics computer programs.
  • Entries will be exhibited throughout the entire month of August at The Arts Council Gallery, 206 W 10th St., Lamar.
  • Judging will occur immediately prior to the opening of the Lamar Free Fair.


Categories for judging this year will be based on age alone, rather than on thematic categories. All art will compete against all other art, and all photographs will compete against all other photographs within the creator’s age group, regardless of theme. The age groups in which prizes in both art and photography will be awarded are:


Under age 10

Ages 10 through 12

Ages 13 through 16



Under age 10

Ages 10 through 12

Ages 13 through 16


Photo must be 8 x 10 and matted

Mat can be any color or size.

No frames or double matting.

Limit of five photos per person


Photography Awards (each age group)

First place: $25

Second place:$10

Third place: $5

Peoples’ Choice: Trophy (one People’s Choice Trophy will be awarded for photography, not one for each age group. All entries will be eligible to win the People’s Choice Trophy, not just those that take ribbons, so it’s a whole ‘nother opportunity to win!)



Art should be ready to hang & may be of any size, theme and medium

Art Awards (each age group)

First place: $25

Second place:$10

Third place: $5

People’s Choice: Trophy (one People’s Choice Trophy will be awarded for art, not one for each age group)


How to Enter:

Bring entries to the Arts Council Gallery, 206 W. 10th St., Lamar (just west of the Square on 10th St.) Tuesday through Friday between 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM, any date between Tuesday, July 26th and Wednesday, August 17th. All entries will be displayed in the art gallery beginning the day they are received, so the sooner you turn in your entry, the longer it will be on display, and the more people will see it! So submit your work early!

All entries will remain on display throughout the Lamar Free fair, which ends Saturday, August 27th. Entries will be available for pick up Tuesday, August 30th through Friday, September 2nd, any time between 2:00 PM and 5:30 PM.

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Photo Courtesy of Griifitt Photography

Sandra Conrad - Photo Courtesy of Griffitt Photography

“Raw,” an exhibit of emotionally charged oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, sculpture, and charcoal and pen and ink drawings by Mount Vernon artist Sandra Conrad will be on display in the Arts Council Gallery through June 30th, at 206 W 10th St. in Lamar. The Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 to 5:30. This exhibit is free and open to the public.

There will be an artist’s reception for Ms. Conrad at the Gallery on Saturday, June 11th from 2:00 to 4:00, with refreshments provided by The Wild Plum Café. All are welcome to attend!

A Southwest Missouri native, Conrad was born in Neosho, lived in Joplin for many years, and now resides in Mount Vernon. She currently attends Missouri Southern State University, though she was a working artist long before deciding to enroll in traditional “art school.” She has taught classes at the Spiva Center for the Arts in Joplin, and has personally shared her intense and evocative paintings and sculptures with collectors and art aficionados at shows and festivals throughout the state. Her mission as an artist is “to open people’s eyes” to a deeper emotional dimension too many disregard while immersed in the ordinary routines of life. With images ranging from the dreamlike, to the disturbing, to the sorrowful, to the impishly lighthearted, Conrad’s work runs the gamut of human emotion and imagination, and leads viewers to a deeper confrontation with themselves.

This summer, Conrad will teach a class on creating “altered books,” a striking example of which can be viewed in the current Gallery exhibit. The class will be held at the Gallery, and is sponsored by The Arts Council of Barton County.

Here are some pics of Sandra’s work! Added at last!

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The Arts Council of Barton County will host a Free Open Air Art Show, featuring the work of a variety of local fine and folk artists, photographers, sculptors, handcrafted jewelry makers and more, to be held in conjunction with the 2010 Missouri State Chili Cook-off in Lamar, Missouri. This event will benefit the Rebuilding Fund for St Mary’s Catholic Church, which was tragically destroyed by fire in 2009.

When: Saturday, July 17th, 2010, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Where: Under the Moore Pavilion, 103 East 10th St., Lamar Missouri. The Moore Pavilion is one block east of the historic Lamar town square.

How Much?: This event is FREE, but donations to the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Rebuilding Fund will be gratefully accepted.

Contact: For more info about the Art Show, call Chris @ 417-681-0199. For info on the Missouri State Chili Cook-off, call Dixie @ 417-682-5432. For more info on the St. Mary’s Catholic Church Rebuilding Fund, go here.



(Many More to Come – check back frequently!!!)

Carolyn Dunsing, of Peaceacre

Chandler Curtis

Pam Allen

Jessica Edwards, of Jessica Edwards Photography

Joyce Cody



Would you like to particpate in The Arts Council of Barton County Free Open Air Art Show? Call Chris @ 417-681-0199 ASAP. Time is short, and slots are filling up fast! Thanks!

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NotSoSquareArtsFestival_2When: September 19, 2009 ,

Where: The Historic Square, Mount Vernon, Missouri.

Artists and Authors’ Booth spaces are FREE! (see the full color call for artists flyer by clicking here: NSS Call to Artists).

Day also includes:
Children’s Theatre Workshops
Children’s Art Workshops
Children’s Writing Workshops
Adult Writing Workshops

Entertainment includes:
“The Not So Shakespeare in the Park Players”
Millsap and Millsap, Dueling pianos and musical satire
Additional Performers to be announced

Tango demonstrations by:
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá and Maria Olivera of Buenos Aires
Charles Roques of New York City, Charles Gale and Gaia Banovich of Denver
James Smith and Mariallan Shadle of Memphis
(Held in conjunction with the Meet in the Middle International Tango Festival)
Film: History of Tango shown Sunday evening

A taste of Mount Vernon Food Booths

For More Info Contact: 417.461.0295
or Email at: steve@imagesoftheozarks.com

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